Chinook Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Jason H. Dyck B.Sc, D.C.

Knowledge, dedication and compassion

These are the key ingredients for the Chinook Chiropractic Centre in providing effective treatment for family care, athletes and seniors in Lethbridge.

Improve your overall well-being

For nagging back injuries and chronic physical pain, chiropractic adjustments can improve your overall well-being. Dr. Dyck offers soft tissue manipulation techniques as well as ultrasound therapy and chiropractic adjustments that will assist in alleviating the stress on your joints and muscles.

Full range of services

Not only can Dr. Dyck improve your back and neck pain, he can also help with a wide range of complaints, including headaches, joint pain in your limbs, shoulder pain, strains, sprains and more.

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Phone: 403-380-6200

Chinook Chiropractic Centre is accepting bookings for new patients. Appointments can be booked by phone or email. Email appointments will be contacted by phone or email response to schedule a time that is convenient.
If you have any questions, please fell free to call and connect with us.

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